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Master of the keys Jeff Lorber is one of the busiest musician in smooth jazz history. The result of merits and high accolades of fans, critics and fellow musicians has a golden prosperous side. There is no other musician we talk and write about so often. You can listen to his sound on Mike Phillips’ Uncommon Denominator, Jay Soto’s Stay Awhile, Ray Fuller’s The Weeper, Eric Marienthal’s Just Around The Corner, Shilt’s HeadBoppin, Gerald Albright’s Groovology, Les Sabler’s Sweet Drive, Alexander Zonjic’s Seldom Blues, Michael Manson’s Up Front and Just Feelin It, U-Nam’s Back From The 80’s and numerous more.

Jeff Lorber on your album is a guarantee for musical success. His solo projects always found the way to the charts. Smooth jazz oriented releases like West Side Stories (1994), State of Grace (1996), Midnight (1998) Kickin’ It (2001), Philly Style (2003), the side project Shades Of Soul (2004), the 2005’s Grammy nominated Flipside or Heard That (2009) are one side of Jeff’s personality, the other more jazzy side is showcased on He Had A Hat (2007). Currently many albums of his jazz fusion oriented period are re-issued like Jeff Lorber Fusion (1977), Soft Space (1978) and Private Passion (1989). His next album Now Is The Time (2010) will be a return to jazz fusion again. His tour: