The Oasis Music Awards Grow Into Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Awards, Contemporary Jazz
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The 2011 Oasis Music Awards will be known as the Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards. The annual Awards were announced two months ago and have been very well received by industry insiders and fans alike, according to Co-Producer Chris White.

Founded as the Oasis Smooth Jazz Awards in 2000, the plan was to rebrand the Awards as the Oasis Music Awards. The immediate and broad acceptance, though, coupled with the greater exposure that various sub-genres of Jazz are now receiving, prompted the organizers to make the change to Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards. Jazz Fusion, Groove Jazz and Urban Jazz will also be recognized and have a greater presence under the new name and format.

Event Co-Producer White stated, “Smooth Jazz was a dominant radio format for many years but the music has now moved from radio stations to the internet and personal digital devices. With that, the genre has again grown to more prominently include the various textures in and around Jazz. We want the Awards to reflect this broader expanse of today’s most popular Jazz artists, recordings and performances as well as the heritage of Jazz”.

Co-Producer Bill Paddock added, “The radio stations have decreased in number but the artists and fans haven’t gone anywhere. The festivals and cruises still flourish. There are more

websites and online “radio stations’ than ever. The format is alive and well, it has just moved way up the street”.

Not only has the format expanded; the Awards and related events have expanded, also. The First Annual Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards will be presented during JAZZ Week, March 10-13, 2011 in San Diego. The weekend includes a concert on Thursday, March 10 at the Balboa Theater, the Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards Ceremony and Show on Saturday, March 12 at the San Diego Civic Theater and a dozen other events between the 10th and 13th of March.

A Board of Advisors has been established to guide the overall annual production. The Board consists of artists, record label, website and radio personnel, promoters and journalists. Also, a Nominating Panel is being selected to determine the specific categories to be recognized and select the nominees in each category. Final Award voting will be conducted online and open to the public.

Hotel, Award voting, and performance information is forthcoming.

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