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There is a new Saxophonist in town, and his name is Hulon. Musical notes are bending like honey being drizzled over a buttermilk biscuit. Listening to Hulon is like opening a window in your home on an early June morning and feeling the breath of a new day come through with the warmth of the sun. When you play Hulon’s music, you’ll drift away on a Summer breeze – eyes closed, head nodding in harmony with the music and a smile on your face that simply says; “umm hmm”.

Hulon is a contemporary Jazz Artist with an old soul. The deeper the root, the taller the tree, and Hulon is deep into the history of jazz music. You can tell a tree by the fruit that it bears, and Hulon is producing passion fruit with his Saxophone.

Music not only heals, but it reveals – and Hulon has the elixir to make your blues mo’ better. Hulon waves his saxophone over your head a like a magician’s wand, and it’s as if he said “abracadabra” and pulled a smile out of the top hat and placed it in your soul. WAGTi Radio is honored to shine our spotlight on this amazing jazz artist, Hulon.

Spring is here and it’s time to hit the road. Time to take a break from digging in Roxanne’s garden and make some live music. No complaints, however, there’s something satisfying about getting dirt under your fingernails and seeing the multi-colored results shoot up from the ground.

Anyway, the next few weeks have me headed to places as different and far flung as possible – from New Mexico to Tokyo, for example. Hope to see you somewhere soon. May all your planting be fruitful.

May 21 Claymont, DE – Portraits Of Hope with John Blake, Rosella Washington, Sumi Tonooka and Butch Reed

May 23 Long Beach, CA – Spaghettini, Paul Peress Project, CD Release Party, feat. Michael Paulo

May 27 Atlanta – Sambuca

May 29 Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Jazz Fest, “Celebrating the Music of Grover Washington Jr, feat. Jason Miles, Andy Snitzer and Maysa

May 30 Las Cruces NM, – Mayor’s Jazz Fest (Music In The Park Series)

June 4 Reading, PA – Gerald Veasley’s Jazz Base, “The Art of Strings” feat. John Blake and Jimm Bruno

June 11-14 Tokyo, Japan – Blue Note Tokyo, “Celebrating the Music of Grover Washington Jr, feat. Jason Miles, Andy Snitzer, Eric Darius and Ralph McDonald

June 16 Nagoya, Japan Blue Note Nagoya, “Celebrating the Music of Grover Washington Jr, feat. Jason Miles, Andy Snitzer and Maysa

June 17-18 Tokyo, Japan Blue Note Tokyo The New York Funky Soul Collective, feat. Jason Miles, Ryan Shaw

Spring On the Road

GV Shows


May 27

Great spot for jazz in Atlanta. Come out and hear my music performed by a house band that features some of Atlanta’s finest. Philly meets ATL – gotta love it.

Mayor’s Jazz Fest

May 30

First time in Las Cruces, NM. Looking forward to fun in the New Mexico sun. On stage that is…

Additional information about these gigs by Gerald Veasley.