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Know how to make a million dollars playing jazz? Start with two million.

We should talk about the truth behind this joke. This is the most invaluable advice, I can give you. Don’t waste your money. As musician you can fall in many traps. This article will give you some examples.


Heather McDonald suggests: “Before you start sending out your demo, you need to compile a list of labels who might be interested in hearing it. Sending your hip hop demo to an indie rock label is a waste of time and money. What bands do you like? What labels are they on? What labels deal with the kind of music you play? Spend some time online researching artists you consider to be similar to yourself and the labels that work with them. that way, your demo will land in the hands of people who “get” what you’re doing.”

Hundreds of unsolicited demos are sent in every week to record companies, many of which are never listened to. Even the most conscientious A&R person will only listen to the first 20/30 seconds of a song before sending out a rejection letter. Rejection is part of the game. Accept it.

Labels are looking for artists who already have a well developed sound, stage presence, fan base, marketable music, and game plan. They want you to show them that you can produce content on your own, book shows and perform for crowds on your own, manage your fans on your own. They want to see artists using twitter, youtube, and other tools available to them to maximize their reach on their own (Mike Lombardo). So sending demos to a label without initiated contact to the A&R person is just money down the drain.

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