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Each time you meet someone, you exchange a tiny watermark with one another. This imprint can either become an investment or an expense in your future. It’s up for you to decide which one it will be. Use this “bank account” wisely to seed the garden of success.

(Cheryl Hughey)

Your music fans are the fundament of your success. Tim Sweeney points out: “Music is a personal thing. Its a connection between people. People want to become connected with you.” Don’t underestimate the social relationship between artist and fans. You have to feel your fan important. Spend some of your worthy time with your fans and they will follow you. Your fans determine how far you go.

Don’t categorize people, if they can be helpful, cultivated or inspirational. Chris Standring comments: “People love to gossip, it’s human instinct. That means that if you are a cool person who is likable, personable and talented, your reputation will go before you. On the other hand, if you are narcissistic, highly egocentric and appear not to give a damn about anyone else, that reputation will also go before you.”

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