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Hope you’re beating the heat! With the heat index it’s 105˚ here. But relief is on the way. Just heard the radio announcer say the temperature’s going down to a brisk 80˚ tonight. Nice. If you happen to be in the middle of the heat wave, make sure you take care of yourself and loved ones. I found a few tips from the experts that may be helpful. Tips from the EPA Website

Summer wouldn’t be the same without the Summer Concert Series at Gerald Veasley’s Jazz Base. This Thursday the fun gets started – Gerald will be performing with his friend, Nelson Rangell, a wonderful saxophonist and flautist. In fact, for the next five weeks there will be amazing shows at the Jazz Base that you won’t want to miss. Check out the schedule below. Hey, if you’re not in the area, spread the word to a friends.


Piano | Friday at 9:30 pm

The versatile pianist, composer and conductor (e. g. Los Angeles Philharmonics, London Symphony Orchestra) is not only a magnificent musician, he is shaping the genre since many years. After 5 Grammy nominations and 25 solo albums (latest CD »Earthglow«), he will be honored with the »Lifetime Achievement Award« at the American Smooth Jazz Awards on October 29, 2010.

Meet David Benoit live at the Smooth Jazz Festival – here you get your ticket: Smooth Jazz Shop.