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Jul 16, 2010 – Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York–Since 2005 K2 Global Communications LLC has been advising musicians/bands/comedians (clients) to downsize venue and attendance expectations for the foreseeable future…..its now July, 2010 and our advice is not changing.

“Our bookings for groups and organizations events have grown significantly,” Greg Kelly, Partner, K2 Global Communications LLC said. “We are out on the road more often rocking and packing out smaller venues which honestly work better for our musicians giving them a greater personal connection with their fans.”

Depending on what publication you read and what data is used the numbers expressed in percentile are averaging around a 17% loss this year on concert ticket sales.

The reporting is misleading when the publications do not tell you the % (-) from the previous years going back to 2005. The concert industry has taken a huge hit with the large arena shows.

The catch 22 is this, the promoters raise ticket prices to cover their losses due to poor ticket sales which in turn leads to even poorer ticket sales leaving the promoters with the option: slash the ticket price…take the beating but at least you do not have an empty arena or full cancellation.

We did find good news! Pollstar released their list of the top 100 North American Tours. We were surprised by some of the acts appearing on the list found here: …

Nobody is speaking either of the significant impact on the local economies with losses in the restaurant, hospitality, hotel, transportation, venue staff/workers, etc…