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Renowned and revered the world over as one of the greatest saxophone players of all-time, David Sanborn is an artist whose music has inspired countless other musicians while creating a body of work that spans the genres of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, pop and jazz. A naturally gifted performer, David has helped defined the saxophone’s modern sound while influencing a generation.

The wait is over. David Sanborn is returned on August 12 with Here & Gone, his 23rd album and the first in more than three years. Produced by the legendary Phil Ramone, the nine-track CD features a number of special guests, including Eric Clapton, Sam Moore and Joss Stone. For more information on the new album, please visit the official website of Decca Records.

Blues Alley is located in an alley behind 1073 Wisconsin Avenue. The alley is actually named after the club, so if you use a mapping program just type in Blues Alley, Washington DC. Blues Alley is a special place. It has a very true, intimate “jazz club” ambiance, the best to experienced including the top clubs in New York. If you see the right artist and go with someone you enjoy, you will count it as one of the best musical experiences of your life. Do some research before, try to find an artist who you know will be good, and go. You won’t regret it.

Blues Alley welcomes David Sanborn featuring Joey DeFrancesco (B3)

Wednesday, October 20 thru Sunday, October 24

$60 **Two shows: 8PM & 10PM

1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007
Daily 6:00pm-12:30am
Tel: (202) 337-4141
Fax: (202) 337-7946