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A delicacy meticulously and creatively prepared by composer Craig Marks certain to please and satiate the discriminating musical palettes of The Chairman, culinary commentator Alton Brown and Iron Chef fans worldwide, the original soundtrack from the hit Food Network series Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef will be released on CD November 30th by the CMS Media record label. For those who can’t wait to feast upon the engaging and dramatic collection of musical morsels of gustatory delight composed and produced by Marks for the shows, the soundtrack is available now exclusively as a digital release at iTunes, Amazon and various digital retail outlets.

Marks curated forty-five minutes of music from the scores he created for nine seasons of Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef, the latter of which is currently airing its third season on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET/PT. For years, fans of the shows from all walks of life, including from culinary schools and colleges, contacted Marks to request that he release the shows’ music to be used as the backdrop for their own Iron Chef competitions and events as well as for those who enjoy the cascading kaleidoscopes of orchestral cinematic sound, sprawling sonicscapes sumptuously seasoned with cultured World Music nuances, entrancing New Age dreaminess, bombastic beats and mellifluous melodies of monstrous tension, delicate emotion and pensive reflection.

To put it simply, the music is big. Assembled as a soundtrack, it’s an entertaining listen independent of the shows. “The music encapsulates the two moods of the shows: the competition portion and the tasting and judging segments,” explained Marks. “The tasting and judging cues are gastro-meditative textures. For the competition, the music goes beyond reality. It’s a powerful force in producing heightened drama that’s a bit over the top at times.”


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