Archive for October 22, 2010

As the seasons change, we welcome all the pleasant moments that fall brings. The time for lounging around in your bathing gear at some beachside barbecue is over – as we start to enjoy the cozier side of life.

There’s the wind whistling outside and the fireplace crackling inside, and with a bit of luck sparks will start to fly (in a positive sense, of course) between the people present. After all: personal chemistry
needs to be kindled.

But all the company and comfort of passionate people sharing the warmth of a fireplace are worth little without that crucial emotional spark. The embers are glowing and the flames are flickering – but to really get things alight you need something more: music.

”Let’s jazz it up!” is the name of the game – with both the music genre and the verb widely
believed to have originated from the old slang
word jasm, meaning ”spirit” or ”excitement”.

So remember: wherever you lay your hats, music will keep that fire going.

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