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Direct your browser to this Saturday October 23,2010 starting at Midnight-Until for the listening party for Rod Tate’s new CD release, Peace.

Peace features 12 new original songs that range from Smooth to Contemporary Jazz.

There will be four complete songs from the CD posted and the titles are:
1. Mi Familia 2. Saturday Afternoon 3. Thoughts Of You 4. Peace

We will be serving up some good ole virtual ribs, chicken, 7-layer salad, spaghetti, brisket, string beans, corn on the cob, (for those of you like myself that does the vegetarian thing a plethora of vegetarian dishes, including some Red Beans & Rice, of course….

On the real, grab a fruit smoothie or something and join me live at Midnight. I’ll have one tab open at and one tab open here on facebook to chat with you live for a bit.

The CD release date is : November 27, 2010

Peace will be available online at : made securely via PAYPAL), I-TUNES, and other online retailers.

*Please pass this info on to others you feel may be interested.