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My girl Mary frequently makes up words or comes up with funny malapropisms on purpose. The word ‘facetious’ becomes ‘felicia.’ A ‘coincidence’ becomes a ‘co-winky-dink’. And if she thinks I’m being ‘jealous’ about something, then I’m just being ‘jell-o.’ So when i finished my current CD I thought I’d steal one of her words. I call my new record Delicioso. I thought I was using a made-up word to describe a feeling about my new CD. Turns out that Delicioso really is the Spanish word for you guessed it, delicious. (Am I right? Spanish speaking people?)

Well that’s OK. There is a song in Spanish sung by Shelly Rudolph on the record. It’s called Enamorata. It was written by her and Phil Baker, renowned bassist, Pink Martini member and my neighbor. Phil has been on my case about watering my lawn.

Another person who likes to make up words is an incredible artist named Flora Bowley. She is Portland based and world renowned She did a painting called Luxurium. She made up that word too. I did take 2 years of Latin at Grant High School, but I don’t remember that one. Anyway, that is the painting that graces the cover of Delicioso and is the name of the first track. Flora has a unique style that involves blobs and drips, and floating shapes and a distinctively earthy and feminine vibe. She is wonderful.

So the song called Luxurium is a hip hop-y little ditty that is one of my favorites on the CD. I also like another one that Shelly and I do called Language of Our Own. We co-wrote that. So there’s plenty to suit all tastes; from funky (Whistling In the Dark) to Brazilian flavored (Delicioso) to New Age-y (Breathing In the Love) and many points in between. There are also a couple of solo piano tunes, one that Shelly likes called Dancing Heart and an older tune of mine written for my daughter called, Heidi’s Song.

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Time Saturday, December 11 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location Best Western Ballroom

1800 Belmont Ave.

Baltimore, MD

Created By Charm City Jazz Group

More Info Tribute to Grover Washington Concert starring…

Art Sherrod Jr / Eric Marner / Isaac Parham

Join us December 11, 2010 as we celebrate the life and music of Grover Washington Jr.


Best Western Ballroom

1800 Belmont Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21244

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