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We have found a treasure of concert for contemporary jazz fans. A Jazz Concert with Roy Ayers/The Ray Gaskins Band/ FO MO DEEP.

Fo/mo/deep are Ron “FatKat” Holmes. Jr (bass), Kenneth “Pounce” Pouncey (percussion), Keith Newton (sax, flute), N. Michael Goecke (trombone), Andre Scott (drums), and Kevin Jones (Keys). For those, who haven’t listen to their music yet, we have good news. The group has just released their debut album Eclecticism. Ron explains: “Eclecticism in music draws from a plethora of grooves/styles from around the world.” In short we can await a diversity of styles.

Ray Gaskins is a prolific saxophonist/keyboardist/vocalist. Some will know his terrific sax sound from his work with Fishbelly Black or The Exodus Quartet. His music is full-bodied, the soul is obvious, and the fact that vibist Roy Ayers was drawn to this talent’s side on this latest effort, A Night in the Life, is ample proof that the cat has earned the attention of the players in the business that, quite simply, are.

Roy Ayers’ vibe is legend. An American funk, soul, and jazz composer and vibraphone player of his own. Ayers as not only an accomplished musician but also a well-known entertainer on the music scene. He often performs with music and comedic speech/storyline interaction to his audience to enhance his appeal. One of his most popular is a track taken from the LP ‘In the Dark’ released in 1984 called ‘Poo Poo La La’. This has now become a standard favourite amongst his audiences.

Saturday, December 11 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

8700 Old Annapolis Road
Ellicott City, Maryland 21045