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Global Music Live is pleased to announce our Summer Series of 5 concerts.
(Sidebar: Global Music Live has been known for years as John Griswold & Friends, just a little name/description change)………..

We will feature music and artist from Cuba, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Greece, and America. Also, we will be presenting one of our concerts on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. This will be a memorial for those who lost their lives and a celebration of the survivors. ……………..

The Line Up
June 5, Brian Simpson (Keyboards, Contemporary Jazz)……….

July 10, Fabiana Passoni (Brazil, Vocalist backed up with members of her band and Bill Macpherson and Nee Sackey of Native Vibe)……….

August 7, Los Boleros (7 piece Cuban group in the Style of the Buena Vista Social Club. Also features some Latin Rhythms)……….

September 11, Sahnas (The group that was the most popular performers from last year’s concerts, truly back by popular demand. Spanish, Greek and American music) A special memorial concert……….

October 8. Francesco Buzzurro & Richard Smith. (Two truly accomplished guitarists schooled in different style of music, but when brought together…it is fabulous)……….

Each concert will feature the optional dinner that is designed to go with the music…say for example, for Los Boleros, we will feature food of Cuba and so on. Usually, this is only $12.00 to $14.00 and I have to tell you, Larry Mac Catering does a killer job of the cuisine. ………..

Get complete information and links to each artist’s website, music or videos at and as partner Lauren said:

We’re bringing the world’s music to Modesto so you don’t have to put up with long lines, full body scanners, excess baggage fees, lost passports, or the Revenge of Montezuma.

This promises to be over-the-top for music lovers. Look at it this way: We are the same price or less in many instances than the major venues and are artists are equally or more accomplished… but the differences is: You can dance, you can enjoy your vino, you can dine while watching, and you get to visit with new and old friends alike, and the artists are really accessable to visit with and pet… And, if you want…you can stay after the show and help clean up.