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Global Noize is a hip and eclectic musical journey that blasts away all boundaries-an organic, free-spirited sonic brew of some of the best elements of jazz, funk, electronica and world fusion. This glorious amalgamation is truly music without borders. The Jazz Club has never heard anything like this.

Cooking up this wild concoction are keyboardist extraordinaire and veteran of Miles Davis’ and Luther Vandross’ bands Jason Miles and turntable guru DJ Logic, who has collaborated with such diverse artists as Phish and Vernon Reid. In addition, the group now has Indian vocal diva Falu as a full-time member.

In 2011, Global Noize will have a new album release. It’s called A Prayer For The Planet. It reflects the feeling the group has on the state of our planet in the 21st century. It features some of the great cutting edge artists of our time and further explores the Global Groove that was created on the first Global Noize album. From Falu’s sensuous vocals on the title track and her amazing control of her voice on “Charismalove” and “Wanna B With You” to the fantastic performances of Karl Denson, Jeff Coffin, Oz Noy, Mocean Worker, Mailka Zarra, Lica Cecata and others, this is a true album for the 21st century. Jason Miles and DJ Logic have crafted a truly imaginative and compelling album without sacrificing the groove, melody and innovation that was brought to the first Global Noize CD. It is accompanied by an amazing image – (see poster in the Photos section).

Global Noize takes listeners on an imaginative, free-wheeling journey into musical exploration. Enjoy the ride.

Saturday, July 30

181 Galli Curci Road, Highmount, NY