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Jeff Golub writes in his newsletter:

“While recording the record I started having a little trouble with my right eye. I tried to ignore it, but the condition worsened. Oddly enough, I was working with Henry, who coincidentally is blind. After the recording and trips to several of NY’s top eye specialists, I was diagnosed with a collapse of the optic nerve in my right eye. It is just some random thing that can happen to people…no real reason why or real cause…just a curve ball life throws at you sometimes.

So, I am slowly adjusting to this one-eyed life, learning to play baseball with my 8 year old, and slowly, carefully driving to the beach to take our crazy 6 month old puppy for a walk so he will be just a bit less crazy and traveling to do what I love doing…playing guitar. As I always tell my kids I am so lucky that the words play and work are in the same sentence in my life. I love what I do. It is the other half of me that completes me…the yin, the yang…I’ve got family, friends and I’ve got amazing work with wonderful fans that support what I do.

Well, things are going great…hen last week my “good eye” started getting a little wacky and unfortunately, as of this past Monday, 6/27 it appears to be following the same path that the right eye did. OK, not what I wished for, but I hopped in a van last night with Henry, Josh & Andy and played a gig in PA. Was it scary? YES!!!! Was it fun? A BLAST!!!! I have proven to myself three days into “my new life” that I can go out and do what I do…play guitar. And even stranger, getting to spend all this time with Henry Butler who can give me the inside track on how the heck one navigates life with severely impaired vision…Just wanted to let you all know what is going on with me. I may need a bit of time to adjust, but God willing, I have every intention of playing guitar forever and a day.”

The Gardena Jazz Festival is fast becoming one of the best in SoCal. Founded by Assemblyman Steve Bradford (former Gardena City Councilman) in 2003, the Festival has showcased some great jazz talent, incl Michael Franks, Hiroshima, Phil Perry, Joyce Cooling and many more.

This year the festival awaits Jazz in Pink, Marcus Johnson, Pete Escovedo, and Jimmy Reid.

For more information especially about the artists visit the website.

Sunday, August 28, 2011 – 11:45 am

Rowley Memorial Park, 13220 S Van Ness Ave, Gardena, California 90249