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Last spring, while in traffic on a Los Angeles highway, Boney’s car was totaled when he was rear-ended by a drunk driver. He instantly thought of the future of his career. “One moment, I was on my way home thinking about what I was going to have for dinner and the next moment I was in an ambulance with a fractured jaw and two missing front teeth thinking I may never play my sax again. Looking at the car, I knew I could have been killed. Months later, after healing, I was so grateful to be back on stage and back to work on the CD. The experience has actually had a positive effect on my shows and it was a great influence on the new CD, Contact.”

Attend his concert at

Country Club Hills Theater, 4116 W 183rd St, Country Club Hills, Illinois 60478

Saturday, July 30, 2011 – 7:00 pm