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Piano & Trumpet | Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 11:00 am

„Filled with light, with open minds and open hearts all over” Martin Ehlers played of the nature and the people in Sweden on his second album. The fact that music is always something absolutely sensual for the composer and pianist, one can feel even in the very first notes of his latest album “Feel The Light”, on which he only presents his own compositions. After his debut CD, “Strange Blue Light Bay,” he hit the bull’s eye with “Swedish Moments”. Ehlers took his inspiration for this from Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, but also John Surman, Erik Satie or George Winston, focusing entirely on “Space, light and emotion”. And this is the style he continues with “Feel The Light”.

The music of Martin Ehlers and his trio is not abstractly calculated art, because each of his own compositions arises from a deep feeling. Bassist Thomas Biller, drummer Derek Scherzer and also Ingolf Burkhardt, who joins the band as a guest playing the flugelhorn and the trumpet, are doing their parts: The brilliant musicians understand each other, breathe the same note, creating a fascinating atmosphere of sound that immediately gets under the audience’s skin. It’s not about sentimentality, but about a feeling of being alive in all its shades, that is transformed into sound. They turn their inside out, they become the music itself and one can feel it clearly – “Light After Darkness”. End of 2011 appears his fourth solo album “Fatum”.

Audio samples and more information about Martin Ehlers Trio, click here.

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The 2nd Fall into Jazz concert will take place on Friday, September 16, 2011 at The Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts in Dover, Delaware. The headliner will be internationally acclaimed guitarist and vocalist, Nick Colionne. Opening for Colionne will be The Benjie Porecki Band with Special Guest Jazz Vocalist Lori Anne Williams.

With a jazz style that is both urban and contemporary, Nick Colionne has blazed a trail to the top of the ranks of today’s stars. Combining all of the various influences of his music career from jazz to R&B to blues to rock, he has created an unmistakable sound and vibe that is instantly recognizable. With lightening fast speed and a distinctively silky sound, Nick takes the guitar to unexpected places every time he performs. His rich baritone vocals delight audiences unaccustomed to hearing such a skilled instrumentalist singing as well, and his showmanship….well, you have to see a Nick Colionne show and experience it for yourself. With energy to spare, unparalleled musicianship and a natural comedic flair, he is one of a kind!

Versatility and virtuosity characterize the career of multi-talented songwriter-producer Benjie Porecki, who is often called a “musician’s musician.” He has earned that moniker by performing equally well as a jazz/gospel/funk B-3 organist, jazz/blues pianist, rock keyboardist, and reggae/blues guitarist while holding his own as a solo artist. Porecki enjoys the distinction of being among the top picks of many artists representing diverse genres.

Washington, DC based jazz vocalist Lori Anne Williams has an extensive background in the performing arts and has performed with a wide variety of nationally-known recording artists. Nathaniel Rolnick of says ““Lori Anne Williams has the sought-after combination of soul and technical prowess that reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald – a treat to any jazz fan’s ears.”

Schwartz Center For the Arts, 226 South State St, Dover, Delaware 19901-6728

Friday, September 16, 2011 – 7:00 pm