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Got some funk? Bring it! Got some jazz? Bring that too. Bring what you got and mix it up with Brian Culbertson. Brian has posted the original studio tracks to “It’s Time” from his twelfth CD aptly titled “XII”.

Download the tracks and add your own musical genius. Add vocals, your own guitar solo, some horns — whatever you feel. Or remix it. Collaborate with others and just go crazy. Creativity will be rewarded with awesome prizes! To join the contest visit Brian’s website.

Amazing Prizes!

  • Lewitt Audio – LCT 640 multi-pattern condenser microphone ($800 value!)
  • Luna Guitars – Top-of-the-line electric or acoustic guitar
  • Mogami Cables – Enough professional instrument cables to outfit a typical home Studio!
  • PreSonus – The NEW release of Studio One, launching October 2011
  • JamHub – JamHub’s amazing silent rehearsal studio device (Bedroom model)
  • Autographed Brian Culbertson CDs
  • Distrophonix – 1,000 custom audio cards for your music
  • Mason & Hamlin – A limited edition leather coat