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What better way to freshen up your outlook on the new year than to spend an evening with the smooth sounds of saxophonist Tony Exum Jr.

Tony’s album, “Finally”, has been described as “Refreshingly funky yet measured and controlled in that soulful and driven kind of way that is so reflective of much of today’s–and even a lot of yesterday’s–smooth jazz, saxman Tony Exum Jr. steps forward to toss in his own pizzazz in the form of a quality debut production entitled Finally! (a very telling title indeed)”

While compared in some ways to the late great Grover Washington, the late great George Howard, and the young, gifted Jackiem Joyner, the artist certainly carries enough firepower to ignite his own identity with no problem whatsoever.

Having co-written many of the tracks on Finally, Exum shows that he is no stranger to the fine art of contemporary jazz and how it’s often used to relate to R&B, funk, and other influences. For tickets go here.

Stargazers Theatre, 10 South Parkside Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Friday, January 20, 2012 – 8:00 pm