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Phil Perry sings the single You Send Me from his upcoming album  Say Yes (out March 13). The Sam Cooke classic in a new dress.


Ava Lemert is…

Making noise in the soul, jazz and R&B community.

Why? Ava is simply… different.
Ava Lemert is a many-faceted talent, blessed with an immense, soulful voice to deliver her own lyrics and compositions. As an arranger and producer, Ava is also able to create music for film, TV and commercials. What’s so rare and intriguing about Ava as an artist is that she is also an accomplished saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, who enjoys bringing her music right into the audience. There’s so much more to this ‘5-foot 1-derwoman’ of song. That might be why Ava Lemert is also known as ‘Tiny DynaMite.’

“Feisty by Nature Tour” is being booked and planned for later this year and marks an important step for Ava’s burgeoning music career as as Ava will make her debut at Spaghettini Jazz Club & Grill in Seal Beach CA on July 21st.

Spaghettini, 3005 Old Ranch Pkwy, Seal Beach, California 90740 (Long Beach/Los Angeles area)