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I am very excited to tell you first about recording a new CD! I am planning to go in the studio to record the new album East Bay Soul 2.0.

This will be my 6th solo CD that I have recorded and produced. The concept for the new project is a follow up to the last CD, East Bay Soul and the name of my band that I have the honor to share the stage with. I am starting to write the songs and collaborate with members of East Bay Soul.

I would love for you to join me and East Bay Soul on

What is It is a new way to fund and follow creativity. I think Kickstarter will play an important role in the transformation of the music business for years to come. This fundraising site allows fans to fund projects of their choice.

I read about Kickstarter in a Los Angeles Times article last fall describing the success other artists had in funding all kinds of projects, and that brought me here today. Not only will this opportunity of raising funds from fans, friends and family to help me make this album, but it also lets whoever is making a pledge to be a part of this experience. So when I was thinking of starting the creative process for the new CD… I thought about kickstarter again.

It really is a very cool concept. Having people that believe in you, and want to hear your new music and be part of the experience of making a CD.

At Kickstarter you make a pledge and in return you get a reward. We have some really great rewards you’ll receive when making a pledge.

We only have 65 DAYS to meet the goal, so please use those little Facebook and Twitter buttons to help spread the word online.

Soulfully yours,

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