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My friends, this is your chance to have your voice heard by getting involved in the making of my new CD “Relentless”. I want to make the best music possible. Through your help on my kickstarter project, that’s exactly what I’ll be able to do.

Please get involved and spread the word. Your support will not only be appreciated, but ensure the completion of an incredible CD project. Be a part of something great! No travel. No scheduling.


The new CD, “Relentless”, is unlike anything I’ve done before. I have been on a “Relentless” mission to bring my music to the forefront, a place where listeners are able to see and hear how the flute transcends perceived boundaries. Not only is the background music done with live musicians (instead of programmed keyboards), but there’s a more energentic sound showing my growth as an artist.

Darryl E. Jones

This is an official invitation to be a part of an amazing historical bay area phenomenon; Pacific Mambo Orchestra’s and it’s first studio recording!

In 2011 pianist Christian Tumalan and trumpeter Steffen Kuehn formed a 19-member rocket fueled group that is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Despite the current challenging economic situation, we have made it through an entire year of regular weekly gigs paying less than what each musician can actually afford to play for… i.e. gas and precious time. we are defiantly swimming against current, this is the power of love for music, and we have it!

San Francisco Bay Area is local for PMO, and has been a fantastically supportive home for all of us. One year later, we are playing premier clubs and festivals and we’re proud to say that this group is packed with Grammy-recognized musicians! With every performance, PMO feeds the soul, body, and hearts of everyone around, from music lovers, to dancers, to musicians. Every performance is an energetic Blast of love!

GUESS WHAT? You can get on the wave with us right now! No matter where you reside in the world, we are here for you.

By April 23, PMO aims to raise at least $10,000 to record 10 songs, 2 covers and 8 originals.

You can be a very helpful component to a very good cause, YES! Right now! This is how it works:

First Check guidelines and your rewards here:

After a few days , we are already 12% fan-funded. To help the project collects your pledge on Kickstarter follow these steps. Here’s how it works:

Go to:

Step 1. Check out the rewards (from lessons to pre-ordering CDs) here: link

Step 2. Sign up (favorite name and password). Pledge via credit card.

Step 3. If we make our goal, your pledge is charged. Follow the project via updates, collect your rewards… and bask in your awesomeness!!!

If PMO doest not reach the goal, your money will be refunded by default. How cool is that!

Are we asking you for charity?
Ummm, not really. In essence what we are trying to do is to make this dream come true with YOUR HELP, buying our CD in “advance”.
Each dollar that you put in, will apply to the creation of this amazing recording.
Pledging on Kickstarted is hands down the hippest way that musicians are making studio recordings happen in this day and age.
Anything from $1 up to $5000 will help enormously for the cause!
YOU are important to us!