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This open letter is to find at the website of the promoter:

We began the Oasis Awards in 2000 (work started in 1999) when there were many naysayers. We were told repeatedly that the Awards concept just wouldn’t work in “Smooth Jazz”. It worked. And in 2001, we sold out the Chicago Theater for a second round of awards.

Fast forward to 2011 and we regrouped and planned the best Jazz event yet with some sixteen events over four days to take place in a city known for jazz fans and close to so many of the artists.

We advertised extensively on radio, online and in magazines. We got generous support from the San Diego newspaper. We signed the biggest names in the business, almost 50 of them, and planned two exciting shows. And it fell flat. We sold barely 200 VIP Tickets and less than 50 individual tickets over a four month period.

Fellow fans, Radio has left us. CDs don’t sell like they used to. But the music is still great. The artists are the most engaging in the world. And the fans are the most responsive – usually. Folks, don’t desert this music.

We have cancelled the Oasis Awards due to the dismal sales. Next time there is a concert in your area, I hope to see you there.

To the great people who were FOR the effort, we say thank you. To the volunteers who helped us over the past ten months, we are truly indebted. To everyone who was truly part of the team, you’re the greatest.

It’s about the music.


We are disappointed to announce that the Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards shows have been cancelled by the promoter. The CJazz JAZZ FOR CANCER show on the aircraft carrier Midway will still be held as it was a stand-alone event.

Please contact the Oasis Awards directly for ticket refunds. Neither, Humphrey’s or the artists will be able to assist you in this regard.

The Promoter comments:

I want to thank the artists and fans who have sent words of encouragement. They know we tried very hard to do what had never been done before. The public just didn’t respond. Barely 200 tickets were sold. We thought when we went to Ticketmaster that sales would take off. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster only sold 37 additional tickets.

Nick Colionne comments:

Well the Oasis awards are cancelled. But you know what I say to all my friends who were nominated. You are all winners and I am sorry that the fans who voted did not get a chance to see you honored. But, as I said you are all winners in my book because you are some of the best people I have had a chance to meet and jam with.